What to expect at an Energy Medicine Therapy session

A typical session normally lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. The first one may last up to two hours. It can be held face-to-face or remotely.

In a face-to-face treatment, your body will be assessed by dowsing to locate imbalance(s) and the requirements to restore balance. Once the imbalance and its cause(s) are assessed, the Physician looks for essences from healing plants, gems, crystals, colours, etc. that will remove the blocks. In doing so, your body is free to restore its own equilibrium.

In a remote treatment, the same protocol is followed but with your name / picture, which carries your vibrational signature.

There is no separation in time or space between you and your name. It works pretty much like the technology of mobile phones, radio or TV! Even though you are not aware of it, your body uses this technology all the time by receiving and emitting vibrations or wavelengths, which are information.

Quantum physics states that information travels faster than the speed of light!

Deficiencies and the need for natural supplements will be assessed. Diet, drinks and life-style will be looked at.

Side Effects

There are NO side effects with Energy Medicine treatments